March 19, 2017

TOP 5 Most Versatile Video Luts

How to install and use lumetri looks / Luts

1. Click the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of this post and unzip the Hollywood 
lumetri looks folder

2. Go to the Premiere Pro Folder
For Mac: 
Open a new finder window and go to application, then open Adobe Premiere Pro CC
For PC: 
Go to C:/folder, open program files and open Adove then Adobe Premiere Pro CC

3. Open the Lemetri Folder

4. Open LUTs Folder

5. Open Creative Folder

6. And paste the .cube .looks .itx inside this folder 
( this is how i save my LUT files works ever time im using Pr CC 2017 )

7. Restart or re launch your Adobe Premiere Pro CC

8. Add a adjustment layer

9. Drag the adjustment layer into your timeline 

10. To check if the Luts are really saved, click on your adjustment layer
and open EFFECT Control

11. Click on CREATIVE check ACTIVE
and click LOOK drop down menu and choose the luts you want to use.


Drag your clip into your timeline, click the Event FX 
Add VisionColorLUT Plugin
Browse for the luts you just downloaded and manually add/ choose whatever you wanna use.

Try importing the LUTs manually using the lumetri color window
and navigate to the creative tab and browse for the individual .cube files!
Or download the
Mirror 2: Download Link