March 26, 2017

FREE Lightroom Presets CineCollection ThePresetFactory And Orange and Teal

FREE Lightroom Presets CineCollection ThePresetFactory 

How to use this presets:
  1. Open Adobe Lightroom.
  2.  At the top, go to ‘Edit’ then Preferences.
  3.   In the options window, click on the ‘Presets’ tab at the top. Click on the button labelled ‘Show Lightroom Presets Folder’.
  4.  Once in the Explorer/Finder window, make sure you in the ‘Lightroom’ folder, open the ‘Develop Presets’ folder.
  5. Now copy the whole presets folder which will start with ‘TPF' from your downloaded zip file into this ‘Develop Presets’ folder e.g. For the Cine Collection, copy the folder named ‘TPF - Cine Collection' . Make sure you copy the folder within the zip file, and not the zip file itself. 
  6. Once copied, close Adobe Lightroom.
  7. Re-open Adobe Lightroom and the presets folder will appear on the left once in the Develop Module.
  8. You are now ready to begin using your presets!
Lightroom Presets CineCollection ThePresetFactory 

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